IP Fish Eye Cameras

IP fisheye camera

In this category you will find a wide range of IP fisheye cameras for the best price that you can find online. IP fisheye cameras are unique due to its capability of very wide angle of view. Fisheye cameras typically can cover from 180 degrees to overall 360 degrees dimensional view. Such cameras varies in resolution, you can choose fisheye cameras in resolutions up to 5 megapixels and even higher. Higher resolution is required due to narrow lens and wide angle of view which is required for a detailed quality view in order to see particular elements like faces if needed to zoom in digitally. All of these cameras have capability to be connected to a video surveillance system for a long time video record. Although fisheye cameras can be used as a single element systems, that means that it is not necessary to have a recorder to use the features of these cameras, then can be connected to the internet one by one and used for a direct real time live view cameras.

Where can it be used?

Such cameras are most commonly used in inside premises that might be anything from a private residence to business offices, hotel lobbies and other places. Fisheye cameras can be mounted on a ceiling usually in a middle of a room to cover whole area.

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