IP NVR Recorders

NVR recorders

In this category you will find wide range of NVR recorders for the best price. NVR is standing for Network Video Recorder. NVR recorders are being used in IP CCTV security systems together with IP cameras. The advantage of network video recorders is that it can work and record all cameras that are in a same network not even if particular camera is not connected directly to NVR recorder or is sat in a remote location.

Main facts to know


There are few types of network video recorders, ones have an integrated PoE power supply, which means, that power and video is transmitted over one and same UTP cable (standard internet cable), other does not have it. Ones without built-in PoE power supply does not power cameras, that just receive a signal and encode it to be recorded, in such case cameras must be powered over external PoE power supplies or using standard power adapters.


Other fact You should acknowledge is that different NVRs can support different resolutions cameras. Be sure to pay attention that one can record cameras up to 2 megapixel, others can record cameras up to 5 megapixel resolution. At the very least, NVRs differ in channel number. Usually there can be four, eight, sixteen and so on channels on an NVR. NVRs with built-in PoE power supply can contain 16 channels, or so called ports, but there is a possibility that only 8 of them have PoE power supply integrated. All of these recorders have a capability to be connected to the internet so You could go online and watch live stream form cameras or review recorded footage.