64 Channels NVR recorders
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64 Channels

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What is it?

A 64-channel Network video recorder (or ‘NVR’ for short) is the most efficient NVR on Securitycam24.com. In general, an NVR records and can sometimes even stream footage. It is the brains behind your IP surveillance camera system. To put it plainly, you can consider it to be a management system for all of your CCTV cameras which operate on your facility or territory. 64-channels means that it can support up to 64 individual video streams at one time.

What do we offer?

At the moment, we know that this option is selected by our clients who have huge needs in video surveillance. That is why we spent numerous hours refining the list of products we offer. Our clients can find very capable Dahua 64-channel NVR to buy with 4K UHD recording capabilities.

The software is straightforward and simple to navigate and operate. A very user-friendly interface allows the system to follow your commands without putting the administrator in too much trouble. As a licensed supplier of not only 64-channel NVR’s but also other video surveillance equipment, we can reassure you that the quality of the product is top-notch and it will serve you long and well.

Where can it be used?

As mentioned before, a 64-channel Network video recorder is a very capable system. Usually, the clients who opt for this operate and manage large facilities, buildings and/or territories. They can be supermarkets, hotels, office buildings, or even large private properties. However, manning and managing such a system will require dedicated security personnel. That is because the system might be used wholly and overlooking the 64 individual video streams is near-impossible for one individual.

The NVR itself should be put remotely and stored safely. Make sure that it is hidden from temperature and humidity extremities to preserve its condition at its peak. We recommend a dedicated security room, your office or a special storage place.

How much does it cost?

High-quality 64-channel network video recorders are not amongst the cheap line of products. But the price is explained by their performance. However, at SecurityCam24.com we offer a reasonable online price for all Hikvision and Dahua CCTV solutions, including the most powerful NVR hardware.

As a responsible online supplier, we always seek to keep our prices competitive. Besides, you can find sales and discounts at various times. When you see one – act immediately because they only last for a limited time!

What is more, we can provide you with an individual quote for your needs. If you might need more than one 64-channel recorder or more equipment to satisfy video surveillance needs, do not hesitate to drop us a line! Our team will swiftly look into your request and give you a quote!

What would SecurityCam24.com recommend?

Every unit of Dahua and Hikvision hardware we re-sell is of high-quality and carefully chosen. We would advise you to contact our live support if you need guidance or assistance in selecting products. Since this is a highly specialised matter, knowledge and experience are critical. We have it and thus can give insights and recommendations.

Never hesitate to reach out to SecurityCam24.com support team for tips. With such capable machinery, we would like you to be satisfied. Maybe it is overkill, or perhaps it is not enough. This is precisely why we are going to guide you through the selection, purchase, installation and maintenance processes. That is how we make sure you are 100% satisfied.

What are your shipping terms and conditions?

We have a FREE SHIPPING policy for all purchases! The same rule applies to the 64-channel IP NVR’s. Depending on your location, delivery times could vary. As standard, it is 3-5 business days, but some areas can receive delivery within one business day, others might have to wait no more than seven.

We can deliver to:

  • USA

  • Canada

  • Rest of North America

  • Germany

  • The UK

  • France

  • Rest of the EU and Europe

  • China

  • Japan

  • The Middle East

  • Rest of Asia

  • Africa

  • Australia & New Zealand

Moreover, we carefully package these products and provide a three-year warranty and lifetime support for all maintenance, service or troubleshooting. 






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