What are access controllers?

They are devices which allow you to wirelessly (over WIFI) either grant or deny permission to enter a room or territory. Usually, access controllers are implemented in high-security or high-importance locations where only the select individuals can be allowed to enter. They are an important product in video intercoms and access control product category.

Where can they be used?

As previously mentioned, access controllers are great in situations where only specific individuals can be granted permission to enter. These devices are equipped with special software that communicates with other mechanisms in your online security system. Since some of them work over WIFI or wireless connection, the setup and installation is very simple.

Factories, office buildings, financial and government institutions, large businesses and even private homeowners can use these devices for their own benefit.

How much does it cost?

Access controllers are quite cheap when compared against some other devices in the video intercoms and access control product category. 

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What would recommend?

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